What is Vitapulse ? Does It Help Cardiovascular muscles?

Before discussing natural alternatives of Vitapulse we must understand what it is and how it works. There are three basic things behind the popularity of this product and these are:

  • Well-known Beriliani specialized in heart-related problems better to say a cardiologist.
  • A company with the high reputation and it is none other than Princeton Nutrients.
  • Results of Vitapulse have very high customer satisfaction having heart-related problems, blood pressure and all of this is due to its ability to act as a natural antioxidant.

It mainly acts to improve the condition of bad cardiovascular tissues, stops them or removes them. As in the latest figures which we have got from a source shows that the major cause of death for most of Americans is the heart. Dr. Beriliani formulated this product to improve the cardiovascular health.

According to the official website of Princeton Nutrients, there are only three core ingredients present in this formula. These are CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10), NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine), PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline). The next questions arise are, why these ingredients are in Vitapulse and what they do with the body? What are the benefits of this supplement? Is there any disadvantage or harmful side effect of using this formula? Well! The answers to your questions are below in details.

Core Benfits of Vitapulse

There are many benefits this product has. It mainly helps a person in getting stronger heart and lower cholesterol level. Its ingredients not only help in cardiovascular problems but also in many other crucial diseases. It is not like formal formula it has proven revolutionary in the field of supplements. So far, no other supplement could make a great mark like this one has made.

  • Prevents sudden heart strokes as it makes heart stronger and circulation of blood smoother.
  • It helps in stress and anxiety.
  • Helps in heart failure.
  • It improves overall energy level in the body which makes a man more energetic and active one.
  • Improves cellular health by improving health of mitochondria in the body cells. That’s why bad cells get improved or removed due to increased defense system of the body.
  • Due to increased cholesterol level and blood pressure one is highly prone to increased inflammation. One might feel anxious pain due to this, but, thanks to Vitapulse which helps greatly in inflammation.
  • Helps in stiff and painful joints.

Functions of ingredients in Vitapulse

N-Acetyl Cysteine is derived from L-Cysteine. It started getting prominence three decades back for its ability to cure influenza and nasal problems. Years after year research were done on this trending element. Researches from multiple universities and medical institutes include University of Virginia School of medicines and Stanford University. Both Universities believe that it must be used in our regular diet. The reason to include this ingredient in Vitapulse is glutathione which is a very strong antioxidant. Glutathione comes from Cysteine which converts in glutathione after the reaction in the body.

NAC’s benefits have a wide range based on researches. It can cure influenza, stiffness and provide body sufficient energy. It also cures, Acetaminophen poisoning, Angina, bronchitis, respiratory distress syndrome, HIV/AIDS, cancer.


Another major ingredient in Vitapulse is PQQ which is Vitamin like. Its sources are wide and we can take it from different food sources. It is known as a “Cofactor” and belongs to a specific class of enzymes. Many researches shows that it is vital for the cellular health of the body and cellular functions of organs. PQQ even revamps mitochondria level functioning of the cell.

Exact functioning of PQQ includes improved growth, cellular defense, increased cellular functioning. Not only it is a powerful antioxidant but also a increases catalyzing ability of all processes happening in the human body system. PQQ is an essential ingredient in the body and it must not be in lesser amount. In many countries people are using it as a vital ingredient and you may also intake it using Vitapulse.

Benefits of PQQ are the main factors behind its popularity. It prevents Alzheimer and brain functioning. More benefits of PQQ are below after the food chart.

  • Research done on animals show that it is very helpful in memory improvement. Stops the cognitive impairment and then push it back means reverses the cognitive impairment process.
  • It stops the formation of bad cells and and improves them or remove them.
  • PQQ let not happen the self oxidative damage in strokes.
  • PPQ is very helpful in Pre-Parkinson’s Condition by preventing the formation of alpha-Cynuclein.
  • It prevents formation of major brain toxins which includes mercury, glutamate and Oxidopamine.
  • PPQ also prevents the damage of nerve cells.


The last most efficient ingredient in the Vitapulse is CoQ10 which is also like a vitamin. Human body produces it naturally as it is present in every cell of human body. CoQ10 converts food into energy. It is a popular anti-Oxidant, curbs free radicals to stop damaging body cells. Coq10 is abundant in liver, heart and kidneys. Its role in the eye of multiple researches, Uses and benefits are given below.

  • Multiple researches show that it can be very helpful in cardiac issues. It can prevent blood clotting.
  • A clinical research states that using CoQ10 just after heart attack may prevent consecutive heart attacks and chest pain. But another study states that it does not help in this regard.
  • Some other studies show that it stops swelling of legs and foots. It improves health and breathing condition in the people with heart attack. Remember all studies are not hailing it. So, treating yourself by it, you must consult some specialist.
  • Another study states that CoQ10 is very helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Additionally it may help in muscles pain.
  • Very good for heart health and blood sugar level for the persons in diabetes as it also controls blood pressure.
  • Another clinical research states that using CoQ10 before heart transplantation, bypass or surgery may prevent harms due to free radicals.
  • Can also increase sperm fertility or sexual health of individuals.
  • Can also increase immune system of body for better functioning.

Remember CoQ10 teens or children must not use it. Recommended dosage is 30 to 200mg for adults.

What are the natural alternatives of the Vitapulse

You can also get the same benefits as Vitapulse provides by taking its ingredients form multiple natural foods, fruits and herbs. We are providing you each ingredient’s source besides all these natural sources daily exercise and running is must.

Food sources of NAC are chicken, Garlic, Animal meats like turkey sausage, pork and fish is also a good source. Diary sources like eggs, yogurt and cheese are also good natural alternatives of NAC. Before taking it blindly remember a 2009 study states that in excess amount NAC may harm rather than doing some good.

The next subject is PQQ or a crucial Vitamin for the mitochondrial health of a cell. It also exists on the outer surface of the bacteria and more studies are coming in its way. Almost the best sources are Kiwi fruit, Spinach, Cabbage, green peppers and tomatoes. A chart with the percentage of PQQ in the foods is also present.

PQQ Source

CoQ10 is the third most important ingredient in Vitapulse. It Co-enzyme q10 a fat soluble anti-oxidant has plant, red meat and fruit source these are:

Fish: oily fish, Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel.

Plant source: Soybean, Peanut, Walnut, Spinach, Azuki beans and Whole grains. It becomes very hard for one to try all these natural foods if you are one of them then you may buy vitapulse online from the official website given below.


It has a very good customer feedback as most of the users are happy with its astonishing results. Due to strong customer review and a very good formula, I don’t feel any hesitation in recommending this product to readers. For the people with cardiac problems they should give it a try as multiple studies are in the favor of the Vitapulse. It is not for the body builder to create great muscles if you still willing to get leaner then go for alpha xtrm or magna force. For people who don’t want to buy it but willing to use this formula they can take it from natural sources which are above in detail. At the end cares its readers if you have any concern or serious problem regarding Vitapulse you may contact with Princeton Nutrients.


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