Up a Cup Cream: Gently tightens the shape of breasts

Are you struggling with shaping your cups or breasts? This is one of the most problematic things which women historically are facing. Glowing face and shining silky hairs are not the ultimate thing required to look stunning. What if you have a flat chest instead of cups then it will give an incomplete look of a beautiful lady. Ladies with such looks give a fake presence of their cups by wearing enhancement dresses. There are other type of ladies to which although have their cups but they are tired and down to stomach. Up a Cup Treatment is for the ladies suffering from above mentioned problems.

To augment those body parts there are augmentation techniques which require surgical treatment to give a voluminous look. But in case of Up a Cup treatment the surgical treatment is not an option and you have not to worry about pains and cuts. You might think that UpACup places some type of object in that part and then it looks enhanced that is actually a wrong thought. This formula came into market when some popular news channel reported the cancer in ladies who previously had undergone in an augmentation treatment. The report is valid and still available with trusted media houses and that rare form of cancer was officially reported by FDA. The corrosion of those subjects caused complex cancer cells which was an alarming thing for the people already having augmentation process.

What is Up A Cup?

It is a treatment of enhancing and shaping your cups so that those look beautiful and stunning without any second thought. This is an inexpensive method which is getting popularity around the world and in America too. The formula is complying with FDA recommendations and its ingredients are pure herbs which assist in making your cups fuller and active. They are not providing any trial and you need to buy its full package which is a cream to be used on the outer area.

Benefits of Up A Cup:

  1. No need of any implants and augmentations as those are risky, expensive and painful.
  2. Easy and reliable method to enhance and shape your cups and make them more attractive and beautiful.
  3. No side effects or allergies to your outer skin.
  4. Completely safe and herbal solution
  5. Lifts up you cups and shape them beautifully.

How Up a cup works?

The formula is unique in the way it works as it promotes healthy skin cell production by massaging the cream on your skin, it shapes them beautifully. When you massage the cream on your cups it gets absorbed and helps in promoting healthy skin tissues which are new and stronger than older ones thus promotes in lifting your bowed cups.

How to use Up A Cup?

If you have used any cream on your face or another part then it is very easy for you. After putting it on your hands, apply it on all dimensions of your cups smoothly and it will get absorbed deep into it. After its absorption it rehabilitates and rejuvenates already present tired tissues. Then it stimulates the manufacturing of new health tissues which are stronger, flexible and supportive to your skin. by the time passes the new tissues appear and lifts the saggy cup up and fills small size into bigger, active and attractive one.


Wilad Yam: It regulates blood sugar and pressure and also known as blood purifier. It resists against cancer cell production and their distribution in body. It can also stop the aging effect of sunlight and makes your skin youthful.

Kava Kava: It is a piper root herb which has anti intoxicating effects and assistive in pain, seizures and skin problems.

Dendlion Root: Killer of the cancer cells as study tells and having antimicrobial properties that supports you from preventing allergies.

Dong Quai: This ingredient has special characteristics which is only helpful for female as it is anti menopausal properties. Dong also supports milk thistle and makes cup active although studies are conflicting on this subject.

Blessed Thistle: It is concerned with the milk production and better circulation. This herb is mostl provided to nursing mothers so they could feed their baby well.

How much time is required?

Normally it takes some 8 weeks to show you good results but the changes in your cups will start with in first ten days. Depending on the cup and body composition the time may vary. As it have been noted that some skin type are fat and rigid which do not let the cream absorb. Depending on your skin it might give you results earlier than expected and later than thought.

Where can I buy Up A Cup?

You can directly acquire it from UpACup official website and other affiliated retails stores which are well known. There are no coupon are price change when you get it from Amazon or Walgreens. The Price is flat $45.

Customer reviews:

The customer reviews from a few consumers have been published below.

Terra: It was not bad but the look was not good for me to having a loose cup. Though I wear some tight bra but in front of my hubby, I don’t know why I felt ashamed. I know many of you think that there is nothing to be ashamed of in it. But I always wanted to be better and beautiful compared to others, that make me overly obsessed with myself. I bought Up A Cup three months ago on the recommendations of my friend. I did not use it for full 15 days then suddenly started using it. After 8 days I felts a mere change and that mere became big in 9 weeks. I had not realized its potential before buying it but now I do.

Ivanka Christ: My cups were baby size and I was seriously thinking of implants but then I came to know Up A Cup and it helped pretty well. In 4 months my breast volume has increased an inch and that is a great thing for me.


Saggy or smaller cup is a common thing and no one should woory about these as you just need a proper care. With the help of UpACup you can solve your longstanding issue.


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