Why are we writing about the side effects of Supplements?

Side effects of supplements can not be ignored, as it may harm your body. like drugs and medicines may have side effects on human body, supplements can also have serious side effects on your body, and this is not just a rumor but it is proved officially and in this post you will know everything in detail.

Everybody knows that sellers are not bound to do researches and case studies on people after they used their supplement, as sellers are mostly concerned with their profit and it is sad that supplements are mostly self claimed not recommended by doctors, pharmacists or even by nurses. Majority of people don’t do research on the potential side effects a supplement can do but rely on the self made claims by the supplement and even a child can understand that not a single company will denounce it’s product, but they will always try to prove it having angelic characteristics and that is where innocents get into a trap. Those who do research in most cases find a promotional content aimed at increase in number of sales for that supplement, means mostly people are unable to find a genuine reading which may reveal facts and figures of that supplement.

To monitor the function and safety of a drug US food and drug authority FDA collects data of injuries, illness or reactions of supplements every year to help people and curb these false supplements. Supplement makers are also bound to report serious effects to FDA. The information collected by FDA shows that infectees are also increasing.

  • In 2010: 1009 people were reported for severe side effects of supplements
  • In 2011: 2047 people were reported for severe side effects of supplements
  • In 2012: 2844 people were reported for severe side effects of supplements

Supplements such as vitamins, herbs,  powders and botanicals made more than 200,000 calls to US poison control centers in 2015 and it is double from the figure of 2013. From those calls made in 2013, more than 8000 people were treated in health care facilities and more than 1000 cases were reported to poison control centers which were showing moderate to severe reaction and this does not include electrolyte and mineral supplements due to which 2 people were dead as reported by poison control centers.

Side effects of Supplements:

  • Restlessness
  • Metallic taste
  • Flushed skin
  • Yellow skin
  • Headache
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Laziness
  • Sweating most of the time
  • Fever ( Sick )
  • Vomiting
  • Reddish Pee
  • In many cases green Shit
  • Anxiety
  • Liver problem
  • Kidney problem
  • Stomach pain
  • increase in hair fall for those whose parents have hair fall problem
  • feeling dry intestines
  • some people may get a heart attack due to high blood pressure


Special side effects of supplements for people getting cancer treatment:

There are various ways supplements can harm a cancer patient as in some cases it can cause skin sensitivity, severe reaction during chemotherapy as antioxidants might interfere with cancer cell killing.

Side effects of Vitamin supplements:

In many cases vitamin supplement can do more harm than good on your body according to consumer report. According to the report more than half of all Americans take supplement and that is the reason supplement industry is boosting from $27 billion in 2012 to $80 billion in 2016. Dr. Jose mosquera tells supplements are not necessarily risk free just because those are natural while in reality those are not natural. Remember supplement should only be taken when there is a true deficiency in the body. Vitamin overdose is also a problem which occurs when people take more than recommended amount and manufacturer of supplements do not require a certificate sell their product unless an unhealthy effect is revealed. Only those products are required to label a warning note containing iron.

Side effects of Body building or weight loss supplements:

Every year millions of people take weight loss or body building supplements to make their muscles stronger, harder and their body leaner and that wish in many cases results in disastrous side effects due to overdose of supplements many have to lose their lives. So our advice to gym goers is always try to be natural, don’t  believe a product is natural just because there is a label of 100% natural and with no Side effects, always consult a doctor. If you are suffering from a disease then we highly recommend for consultation of a doctor if you are really serious about a supplement. All the side effects which show up while taking a weight loss supplement are already mentioned above. there is also a supplement called maxtropin which is very hot selling in these days just due to its awesome results in bodybuilding.


In the modern world everyone is connected worldwide through internet it is easy to spread any type of rumor about anything never trust Fake product reviews as 99.99% of reviews are promotional reviews aiming to increase sales, always try to be green and natural you can find any type of vitamin from the nature just try know about the nature!.

Wish you a healthy Life!.



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