Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy to the readers of is very important to us.

At we acknowledge that personal information is very important, that’s why we don’t reveal your personal information to anyone.


we at don’t create logfiles to save your personal information neither for business purpose nor for any other.


cookies are tiny files in most case a single file saved on your browser by a website to collect Information about you and your ISP, but, at you are not traced by cookies as we don’t use cookies. But yes we use Google analytics just to trace your location and track the number of visitors and nothing more.

Selling Products:

Our primary preference is not to sell products but If you find a product on our website then Just believe that we have placed it after critical analysis as we think it may not show any side effect on your body. We want to maintain a good reputation so you will never find a blacklisted or underrated product on our website as we care our readers like our own family.

Why ShapeRich is Different from others:

In short

  1. ShapeRich is creating the sense of community as on each step we are with our readers not advertisers
  2. We help companies to improve their products
  3. trustworthy source of Information

At the end please guide us so that we may guide you in a better way.

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