Foligen hair growth pills review: WebMD Revealed side effects

Foligen Review: Hair loss is a worldwide problem due to some known reasons which are the abnormal DHT hormones, hereditary and environmental reasons. Researches being carried out in medical institute suggest many techniques to reverse this baldness pattern naturally and medically. There are many surgical and laser treatments of this treatment. Every procedure has its own price and outcomes. To undergo through these treatments also depends upon ones pocket weight.

Those treatments might be painful and in some cases which are on the record that tells some even left their treatment in between due to severe pain. While other uses wigs which are permanent and temporary

but the wig can embarrass you in some uncertain situation. People are becoming more aware of these treatments and they study almost every method of hair regrowth and then come to a conclusion that they should try some nutritional supplement to grow their hair. One of those supplements is foligen which promises to grow your hair within couple of months.


It is a nutritional supplement contained in a capsule packed in a bottle to serve you for a complete month. The team foligen have clever enough to study each and every possible ingredient which could be potential in the formula to stimulate hair growth in people having hair loss alopecia. The manufacturers have concluded that DHT hormone is responsible in miniaturizing the follicle which then loosens the roots of hair that causes its sudden fall. Foligen nourishes the already present hairs and stimulates the growth of hair in patches affected with male baldness patterns.

Before using this supplement the manufacturers have also clearly stated that dong consider it a magic or a miracle pill neither consider the results in a few minutes as it is a long process. If you want to get hairs on your heads within hours then you should consider using wigs as those are the best for giving you a hairstyle within a time you want.


They eulogized their formula by saying that the all ingredients contained in this formula had already been featured in Men’s journal, Mayoclinic, WebMD, Livestrong etc. The list of those ingredients is long we are only discussing a few and providing you the nutrition facts of this supplement at the end of this section.

Biotin: Researches suggest that biotin leads to an increase in production of keranique which is a protein required in hair growth.

Fo-Ti: Introduced to the western world in late 60s was very popular in china due to its anti aging effects. This herb keeps men strong with increasing their strength levels. Although some researches terming it very encouraging in treating a number of diseases but there have been a single report claiming liver damage in 5-years old child which has also been reported by WebMD.


  • Nourishes and strengthens weak and dry hair.
  • Increases hair volume and shining.
  • Re-grows extinct hairs.
  • GMP verified.
  • Mad from Local and imported ingredients.
  • Cost effective
  • No reactions and negative effects.

How does it Function?

There are three stages of hair growth which are Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. In Anagen which is also termed as growth phase of hair in this phase the hair length increases and roots spreads wide to get better support.  The length of the hairs and the type depends upon the genes one carry. Catagen phase is the next to the Anagen and it is also known as transitional stage as in this stage growth halts and a strong hair is formed. In Telogen the thinning and diffusion of hairs occur but the more researches are underway to elaborate this condition.

Sometimes hair growth suffers due to the malfunctioning DNA which becomes unable to pair up with androgens which are necessary for hair growth. Due to such sensitivity the hormonal exploitation for hair production decreases that increases the severity of baldness.

DHT hormone is a substitute of testosterones in the body and it is responsible for damaging follicles and making the roots weak. Before researches carried out the blame of hair loss was given to male sexual hormone. The main culprit of this whole process is DHT which is produced when 5-alpha reductase reacts with testosterone. DHT’s presence make follicle thinner and weaker which prompts hair loss whether the hair is healthy and strong it does not depends as it kills the roots.

Sometimes hair loss may occur due to the imbalanced hormones present in human body. In female the prevalent hair loss is during their pregnancy which is a telogenic phase.

How to use Foligen?

You need to swallow the pills two times a day one pill per dosage, one before breakfast and one before dinner. There are no other pr set rules to be followed. It has no side effects associated with it as for now neither there is any report on its reaction. There are some other pure supplements for hair growth you might want to know about them.

Customer Reviews:

Armita: My story might be different than you thought. I was travelling by a bus in Ontario when I noticed an old lady sitting beside me having fuller hairs. I was intrigued with her hairs and asked her which shampoo do you use? Do you use hair color or something like that? She simply said foligen shampoo. I said I never knew about this and put another question have you ever encountered hair fall. She said some four years back I had to undergo chemotherapy and it made me bald. I suffered a lot due to that treatment but I got recovered and things changed quickly. But my hair growth was like nothing. Then I used foligen it was a new product then but the results its tablets gave me were enormous and you can see with your open eyes her name was Kristen omahaya.

After listening her story, I too ordered a package of foligen it reached on 11th day at its destination. The wait was long but was worth to. I was I initial stage of hair loss but it saved me from getting the condition worse. That is the reason that I am providing my review on foligen without asking.

Where to buy Foligen?

There are number of sources to buy foligen from, those include Amazon, Walgreen, GNC, eBay, AliXpress and Foligen’s online page. You can buy it from where ever you like, just go for it and tell us about your experience.


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