5g male formula supports men suffering erectile dysfunction

It is universally proven that males worldwide always aspire to improve their performance, strength and fertility. To achieve those goals, they work hard regularly in gyms. By working out regularly in gyms and lifting weights does not help in fertility and erectile dysfunction as those workouts are good for fitness and lean muscles but not for male problems in short term. In order to reverse those signs of erection problems and inability to satisfy one’s partner people try other options which include supplements, drugs and other natural remedies. But in the course of recovering from these problems people might catch other disease which in many cases has proven to be fatal.

According to researches male enhancement products mostly contains restricted ingredients which help in erection and intimate problems. But those gains are very short lived and could directly harm your kidneys. There have been many cases when people got a complete kidney failure which then might take one to dialysis and ultimately required a kidney transplant. So, there was a need of a supplement which could really help in required problems and besides that cause no health damage. Such supplements and products are few and to buy these supplements, there is a need of proper analysis on the ingredients of those products. 5g male is not one of those supplements which affects body negatively and harms one’s health instead of improving the performance.

What is 5g male?

In their own words “it is one of the best formulas consisting of natural foods and their extracts to promote healthy production of libido.” The formula is as pure as nature itself, it has no unknown reaction or affects on the body. Regular dose of 5g male can stimulate the production of required hormones which are necessary for intimate performance. The good thing about this product is that they are also spreading awareness about digestive system and ways to improve your immunity all by yourself and natural foods wh

ich boost performance. The complete guide is in a booklet which comes with 5g male as a free gift. In that guide you will understand what is happening with you and why you are suffering from infertility, erection disruption and intimate problems. The product cost is only $60.00 with free shipment. You can also claim a refund in case you are unwilling to use it. The customer care is also there to help you 24/7 via their toll free number and email address.

In what problems it benefits or helps?

  • Erection disruption or erectile dysfunc
    the most prevalent problem which males have to suffer is soft erection or inability to form an erection. In case of soft erection the penetration becomes hard and for newlyweds, sometimes impossible. There are more than 80% chances that their relationship will not last long. To save men from this embarrassment 5g male makes erection stronger, harder and could help in size too.
  • Premature liquid release: many men suffer from this problem too it happens when partner is on the way to inclination but you get released and nothing lefts behind. Climax comes far early than it should be this is due to inability to control yourself. By taking this supplement you will be in better control to satisfy your partner.
  • Infertility and pre andropause symptoms: With the passage of time male fertility decreases but in some, it decreases to an extent which could make them impotent and infertile. If these symptoms are treated in early stages then there is some salvage, if ignored for long, then it could make you permanently damaged and then therapies and surgeries would be required. While 5g male could be helpful in early stages of this problem.
  • Satisfy your partner: It makes you able to satisfy your partner whenever she wants and leaves her dreaming of you.

How does it work?

To understand the working of 5g male you just need to understand the basics of how sexual hormones are created and how do they work? In simple words it relaxes muscles and provides the required flux of blood needed for the erection of male organ. It increases the production of those hormones by directly improving the health of tissues producing these hormones. It also lowers the stress as people with increased stress levels mostly suffer from decreased levels of testosterone.

What are the main ingredients?

The main ingredients found in this supplement are following:

  1. Tongkat Ali
  2. Saw Palmetto
  3. Tribulus
  4. Ginseng extract
  5. Horny goat weed
  6. Garlic

These ingredients have proven health benefits in blood related symptoms of high blood pressure and low cholesterol. They can help in treating sexual problems and boosting immunity with a special focus on digestion. Besides that, these ingredients have been known for reducing inflammation and increased metabolism with melting extra body fats.

Buying and customer support:

You can find this product on 5gmale website which is operated by manufactures. There customer support number is toll free and is available 6 days a week. The shipment charges are not included in the product. The price is low any could be afforded by persons of any income. After purchasing your product it might take up to 7 days but their general delivery time is 3 days.

The formulation of 5g male and ingredients used in it are clear and known to everyone so there is nothing to be panicked by this formula. Its results have been experienced by a number of persons and none of them came up with negative reports.


Erection problems and low testosterones are major problems which usually males suffer from, and these problems are very consistent. In long term these symptoms can affect negatively so you should always try to find a solution and 5g male could be that solution to treat your problems.


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