Why slim 180 is not better than garcinia vita slimfit 180 Program

Garcinia slim 180 is not like a formal supplement. It is more than a fat melting product which acts as appetite suppressant. It supplements deficient nutrients in the body which actually caused due to the dieting. People think that dieting is the great way to lose body fats. They start feeling weakness, tiredness and laziness due to the deficiency of essential body ingredients.


It has been proved by researches that human body not only gets obese by over-eating but also due to the deficiency of some essential nutrients. The deficiency of these ingredients also increases the risk of severe Constipation, abnormal blood pressure, pain in different parts of chest and back due to the trapped gas.

Slim 180 is an alternative to your ineffective dieting. It increases your digestion and metabolism rate.

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There is also a slim 180 weight loss Program. You need to visit there central office for professional guidance. They may ask you visit their office twice a month or contact them by phone or by some online source. You will have to pay fees on every visit. This might be problematic for a person with a busy schedule. Nothing is more important than your health, so, never hesitate for taking any professional guidance.


If you still cannot manage to visit someone for weight loss guidance then we have a plan for you. You may try garcinia Slim fit 180 as remedy for your increasing body fats. These fats are the cause of your worsening health condition. Body fats cling around the heart. It results in decreased efficiency of heart and increased blood pressure. High blood pressure causes kidney failure and stomach problems.


Someone ignoring his/her obesity will certainly get multiple diseases. Constipation and gastro are very common in obese persons. People start exercise and quit and suddenly it affects negatively. When someone start exercise it burn body fat and stomach starts working more than it used to do. It sends the signals to brain. It causes an increase in appetite. Which is bad for people having, no control on their food lust.


After failure in exercise many of us try appetite suppressants. These suppressants affect stomach functionality badly. So a product with perfect nutrition for the daily functionality of human body was needed. Customers support slimfit 180 as a trusted one for their weight loss programs.

Why customer reviews are against slim 180

Whoever we contacted reported one thing that slim 180 refused to refund their money when they refused to take the program. Slim 180 handed multiple type of foods to them. It was very odd for those people. They first paid them to start the program then were unconvinced with slim 180 programs. After researching a little bit we found that previous name of slim 180 was slim 4 life. Slim4life was also famous with scamming people. The usual practice was double charging. Whenever someone complains them about double order they would refuse to reverse their order.

Note: above mentioned customer reviews are solely quoted for the reader guidance. The statements are from genuine customers. We don’t have any proof or evidence against them. If we get any proof we will post it here.

What about slimfit 180 and its ingredients?

Slimfit 180 uses pure garcinia cambogia and natural Hydroxycitric Acid. These two components are proven in their ability to shed body weight. Let’s take a brief look into it.

Garcinia Cambogia and Hydroxcitric Acid

HCA is an extract from garcinia cambogia rind which is present in slimfit 180 as an alternative to slim 180. Garcinia Gambogia is found in South East Asia. It is known for its ability to prevent fats from stocking in the body. HCA and Garcina cambogia are also used in raw form for weight loss and increased performance in gym. It acts as an appetite suppressant in human body. HCA doesn’t let fats accumulate in the body. While some Researches are ambiguous about the benefits.


HCL helps in exercise, joint pain and performance. HCL is affective in intense diarrhea, worms and improves bowel functioning.

Benefits of Slim 180

  • Improves performance in gym and daily routine work.
  • Better bowel functioning.
  • Increased fat melting.
  • Decreased fat storage.
  • Controles appetite.
  • Loses weight without any long hour exercise.

Side Effects of Slim fit 180

As slimfit 180 is a natural product like slim 180 program, it has no known side effect. It does not mean that you should use it vigorously. Overdosing always plays negative role while taking any diet. It does not show any type of reaction


  • Underage should stay away from slimfit 180.
  • Pregnant womens should always be over skeptic while taking any product better to stay away.
  • Overdosing is not allowed.
  • Breast feeding women should avoid using it.


For people having no time for month long daily routine weight loss programs, slimfit180 is a great product. It is not like slim 180 program where you have to visit or contact officials again and again. Which only try to increase the burden on your credit cards. Hope slimfit 180 will work for them. Contact us if you face any problem in this regard.

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