Provillus hair formula and its side effects. Does it really work or hype?

The most common problem in men is hair loss or baldness. Sometimes it has nothing to do with their diet or lifestyle as it might be due to heredity. About 33% of men in their 60s face hair loss problem which is due to male pattern. Hair loss or thinning problem is not confined to men only. Women also suffer from this problem their hair first get thin and then length get shorter which is concerns them badly.

What is Provillus?

It is hair regrowth formula which claims to regrow your fallen hairs. It contains FDA approved ingredient minoxidil and the formula is based on recommended ingredients of mediacal bodies. Though Provillus itself is not FDA approved. It regrows your follicles which already have been miniaturized by DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Its results are not guaranteed as it has seen some of users were unable to get desired results although it stopped their hair from further loss. Its results are not instant you will have to use it at least 16 weeks.

Benefits of Using Provillus:


  • Stops hair loss and regrow your hair
  • Treats follicles on the scalp of your head.
  • Increase the length of hairs
  • No more thin hair as it tries to make your hair stronger and solid
  • No more rough hair you will experience silky hair by using provillus

The statements used are not FDA approved even the official website of Provillus also states that it is not FDA approved. You might not be able to get the result you are willing. But more than 90% users are still satisfied with the results it provides. It is safe to use and has no side effect or reaction to your scalp.

What are the reasons of hair Loss?

Stress can be a reason for your hair loss problem but studies suggest that when you recover from stress your hair fall will stop.

Pregnancy is also a reason for hair fall in women it is due but it is also a temporary hair loss condition. It takes from 1-2 month to recover from hair loss due to pregnancy.

Another temporary condition but could be long term if not heeded timely. Overdosing of vitamin-A is also a reason for hair fall. After amount of vitamin-A is normal hair start growing normally.

Protein deficiency also causes hair thinning and losing. By taking a proper diet it can be stopped and good sources of proteins for your hairs are eggs, fish and meat.

Male Pattern baldness is due to genetic and sexual hormones derivative especially DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It is also stoppable by using a minoxidil cream which is FDA approved. Provillus contains minoxidil and thus is able to treat male pattern.

Heredity: If someone’s part had hair loss problem then there are high chances that their offspring will have this problem too be it boy or girl. But it is preventable by using provillus as minoxidil is present in it which is effective in hair loss treatments.

Female Hormones are also the reason of hair loss. When these sexual hormones accumulate on scalp the follicles get miniaturized. It becomes difficult for hairs to grow out and hair length start decreasing. This condition mostly occurs in women suffering from menopause. By massaging your head with Provillus the follicle size expands to normal easing the hair growth.

Anemia is also a reason for hair loss as iron deficiency increases in this disease. But it is not a rocket science to get rid of anemia you just need to take iron rich foods or a supplement to come out of its deficiency. Your hair will start growing normally after you have beaten anemia.

Lower amount of hormones which is due to malfunctioning of thyroid gland also cause hair fall. Thyroid gland hormones affect metabolism which affects every type of growth including your hairs.

Sudden weight loss

Lupus which is also an autoimmune disease in which over-energetic immune cells causes hair loss.

Chemotherapy: treatment of cancer is also a cause of hair loss. When one recovers from cancer treatment his/her hairs starts growing again.

Using toxic straight jells and sprays, hot oil treatments for styling of hairs are also the reason of hair fall.

How DHT affects hair growth and how Provillus treat male pattern baldness?

DHT is a derivative of testosterone and gives males their male characteristics like hairs on chest, chin and heavy male voice is due to DHT. It is more powerful than testosterone itself. The reason of hair loss due to DHT is the fact that it miniaturizes the follicles on the scalp. To bring the follicles to their original size provillus can be used due to its effective formula. Provillus not only brings follicle to its original size but also increase the length of hairs besides that it strengthens the roots of hairs.

Are home remedies for hair loss effective?

There are also some home remedies to treat hair falls people from different part of world use different techniques to re-grow their hair. These remedies are all natural using from seed oils to eggs every remedy has its own benefits and time period. But a few People are satisfied with these home remedies. At the end people have to go for a hair transplant or find another medical treatment. We are not telling you any remedy which is just a tell tale. You should always try a medically recommended method for every health issue.


IF you are experiencing hair loss problem and you are feeling helpless about it. Then you should try provillus at least once for 16 weeks. If it has helped other it will help you for sure. Hair fall can bring an unwanted look to you. It has proven results for stopping hair fall and re-growing your hairs.

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